Las Vegas Helicopter Tours – See The Strip, Grand Canyon In Under 3 Hours

Do you imagine seeing the Grand Canyon as well as the Las Vegas Strip in one fell swoop? You can, especially by helicopter, which will let you experience both in less time than it takes to watch the season finale of The Apprentice.

Tour packages vary from basic flyovers to extravagant packages that include champagne, river rafting, horse riding, and ATV adventures. It’s your call. Here’s a cheat sheet on tour types to get your started:

Top 3 Tours

#1 Here’s your “no-frills” package. This tour leaves from the edges of Las Vegas, cruises over the West Rim, and heads back for The Strip before landing.

#2 Goes to the West Rim where it lands at the Canyon’s special heliport. Explore the Canyon. Enjoy the Skywalk. Board helicopter, hover over Las Vegas Boulevard.

#3 The king of tours, this trip zips out to Grand Canyon West, sightsee, then lowers itself 4,000 feet to the bottom. Lunch close to the Colorado River. Ascend, and then jet back to Vegas, taking the long way the city’s center.

Bonus Sights

The flight over to the West Rim, which is actually just outside the National Park’s boundaries, includes a number of spectacular sites, including:

*Lake Mead – A beautiful, body of water that gleams under the desert sun. It practically glistens under the desert sun. Largest man-made body of water in the U.S.

*Hoover Dam – Second largest dam in the U.S. Provides most of the drinking water and most of the electrical power used by Las Vegas. It’s a spectacular structure, made even more exciting by the new bypass that’s being suspended over Black Canyon.

*Guano and Eagle Points – These are the West Rim’s most famous lookouts. Horizons go on forever. Keep your eyes open for Big Horn Sheep and California Condors.

*Skywalk – Do it if you get a tour that offers it as a choice. It’s literally a glass bridge that extends 75 feet over the lip of the Rim. This is as close as you’ll get to having wings. The distance from the bridge to the bottom is twice the size of the tallest building in the world.


Flights depart daily from McCarran International Airport, North Las Vegas Airport, and Boulder City Airport. Sunrise, sunset, and evening flights are the most popular with travelers. Most tour operators include hotel pick up and drop off. It’s recommended that you confirm your flight 24 hours in advance. While on the phone, I tell people to check weather conditions – the Canyon particularly can be quite fickle.


Plenty of people think a helicopter ride is out of their budget. Reconsider that thought.Las Vegas is loaded with tour operators who compete hard for your tour dollar. But if you really want the best deal in town, book online, where you can save up to 45% off the retail price.

Final Words

I need to point out that there are bus tours that include the Strip and the Canyon. The value here is incredible. The big difference, however, is time: Bus trips will require nearly the entire day; helicopters can complete the job in several hours. If time is precious and you have a modest budget, visiting these attractions by helicopter is a must.

Coupon Quest – Grand Canyon South Rim Helicopter Tours

Need Grand Canyon South Rim helicopter promo codes or coupons? Believe it or not, the companies that operate the tours have the best ones. Some up to 35 percent off! Here’s how you find them and secure that discount price.

The key to getting the best deal is to understand the very odd relationship between tour operators and the middlemen who represent them.

Middlemen are a diverse bunch and include travel agents, hotel concierges, and in-market ticket re-sellers. Tour companies make deals with this group because it gets their product out to more people.

The agreement is straightforward: Brokers get tours at wholesale prices and must sell them at a suggested retail price. In actuality, the broker is free to sell the ticket at the highest price he can get as long as he doesn’t go below retail.

As far as marketing is concerned, brokers can pretty much do what they want within reason. For example:

1. Bundling the tour with other offers like food, entertainment, and timeshares.

2. Promising special seating (impossible – helicopter seating is dependent upon weight).

3. Persuading you to purchase a more expensive tour (means more commission).

4. Add their own service and handling fees.

How do you avoid these pitfalls? Purchase your tour direct from the tour company, which has a real financial stake in making sure you are happy with your flight.

Papillon Helicopters is an excellent example of a tour operator. It is recognized as the largest Grand Canyon sightseeing company on the planet. It is also renowned as offering the highest-quality tours at the lowest price. Here’s proof from their website:

1. North Canyon Tour. Basic South Rim flight. Leaves from Grand Canyon Airport. Flight takes you to the North Rim and Back. Lists for $169. Web promotional price: $133.

2. The Majestic. This is the upgrade version of the North Canyon. Fly aboard a state-of-the-art EcoStar 130 (stadium seats, Fenestron quiet-flight technology, 25% larger cabin). Retails for $191. Sells online for $158.

3. The Grand Canyon Deluxe with Helicopter. Leaves from Las Vegas. 45-minute flight to Grand Canyon Airport aboard a fixed-wing Vistaliner aircraft. Lists for $458. Web promotional price is $360.

4. South Rim Bus w/ Helicopter. The other option for Las Vegas travelers. Bus departs in the morning and arrives at Grand Canyon Airport before noon. Retails for $289. Sells online for $190.

No broker I researched comes close to Papillon’s online deals. Similarly for Maverick and Sundance, the other big companies that form the helicopter tour market triumvirate. It’s clear to me: Tour operators want your travel dollar. Buy from them and you’ll be rewarded with deep discounts.

Before you book, here are some quick facts you should know about South Rim helicopter tours:

– Departures leave from Grand Canyon Airport in Tusayan, AZ, located just south of the National Park’s main gates.

– Tours run year round including holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

– Take a morning flight. Gives you time to reschedule due to weather. It’s also when you get the best visibility.

– Typical South Rim flights start over the Kaibab Plateau and beeline into the Dragoon Corridor, the widest, deepest part of the Canyon, before looping back at the North Rim.

– Flights last around half an hour.

– Charter flights are available.

By reading this far, I can assure you that you know how to find the best promotions on South Rim helicopter flights.

And remember: Buy direct from the tour operator and book it online. Let these basic steps guide you and you’ll get a quality helicopter tour at a ridiculously low price.

5 Reasons To Take A Helicopter To Grand Canyon West Rim

Need a great day trip idea while in Las Vegas? Do the Grand Canyon. Most people start by considering a bus tour because it’s cheap. Tempting as that might be, give the bus a pass, unless you prefer spending a lot of your quality time driving. Rather, take a helicopter tour. Here are five excellent reasons why it’s the best option.

#1 Helicopters are quick!

It takes a helicopter 45 minutes to reach Grand Canyon West, otherwise known as the West Rim (it takes a bus 2.5 hours). The helicopter you’ll be flying is not your average aircraft. It’s been fully customized for sightseeing and sports 180-degree wraparound windows, climate-controlled cabins, and stadium-style seating. Papillon Helicopters, for instance, offers a great tour called the Golden Eagle, which takes you over the West Rim and the famous Grand Canyon Skywalk. This trip also includes Lake Mead and Hoover Dam flyovers. Total tour time, including pick up and drop off from you Las Vegas hotel, is 3.5 hours.

#2. Helicopters fly to the bottom

The Grand Canyon is huge, but it’s only at the West Rim, located 120 miles east of Las Vegas, where you can land on the bottom. The 4,000-foot descent is nothing short of incredible as the Canyon’s steep walls, fantastical rock formations, and deep crevasses pass before your very eyes. The most popular trip is Papillon’s Grand Celebration, which lands on the Canyon floor and includes a Champagne toast and lots of time for exploration.

#3. Helicopters offer the best view of the Grand Canyon Skywalk

More than a million people have experienced the world-famous Grand Canyon Skywalk. Located at Grand Canyon West, it’s an engineering marvel. The $31-million “Glass Bridge” extends 70 feet over the edge and lifts you 4,000 feet above the Colorado River. It’s a remarkable sight to see from the air, as it appears to hang precariously from the lip of the Rim. Two tours do this structure justice: Papillon’s Golden Eagle Air tour, which flies above the Skywalk and its Golden Eagle Skywalk Express, which lands at the Grand Canyon West airstrip and includes VIP access the Skywalk.

#4 Helicopters let you see more of the Canyon.

Ready to explore the Canyon from top to bottom? Take Papillon’s Grand Celebration Skywalk and Boat tour. First, helicopter down to the bottom of the West Rim. Next, board a pontoon boat for a float ride down the Colorado River (suitable for all ages). From here, take the helicopter back to the top and get Vip access to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. There’s also time to hope aboard one of the free shuttle buses and further explore the Rim before flying back to Vegas. If there’s a tour out there where you can say you’ve done it all, it’s this one.

#5 Helicopter trips are inexpensive

Helicopter tours let you see more Canyon in less time. Moreover, you get to free aerial views of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Air-only trips start at $200 and go up as you upgrade them to include such things as raft rides and Skywalk tickets. By far, Papillon Helicopters is the cheapest without having to sacrifice quality and service. To get their best rates, buy direct on their website.


Las Vegas helicopters can get you to Grand Canyon West in 45 minutes. Total air-only tour time is 3.5 hours and includes hotel pick up and drop off – perfect for visitors on a schedule. However, if you’ve come this far, why not go to the bottom? The descent is incredible and the trip includes a Champagne toast. For the most complete Canyon experience, add a smooth-water rafting trip. Papillon helicopters is the low-price leader, and, to get their absolute best deal, book on their website. Ready for some real adventure on your next trip to Las Vegas? Take a helicopter tour. There’s no reason not to.

Grand Canyon Bus Tours – The Definitive One Page Traveler’s Guide

Grand Canyon bus tours are a relaxing and informative way to see the sights. Here are our top picks…

Grand Canyon Bus Tours Offer Rest, Relaxation and Learning

Do you want to avoid the stress of driving in an unfamiliar location? Or do you find walking in the dry, summer heat unpleasant? Then Grand Canyon bus tours may be just the ticket.

There are two main types of Grand Canyon bus tour. Those that are operated inside the Park and those that transport passengers to the Canyon from major Arizona cities. Both are excellent ways to enjoy the Grand Canyon and enjoy some rest as well.

Grand Canyon Bus Tours Inside the Park

Once inside Grand Canyon National Park, one of the best ways to see the sights is by bus (shuttle). The Park offers several FREE shuttle services for visitors who prefer not to walk the entire Rim. There are several different routes that vary both in length and the number of stops along the way. The thing we liked best about these buses is, you are free to hop on or off a bus at any stop along the route. The buses are very accessible and easy to recognize. Each one is color-coded for each particular route. Here are some of the routes you can take.

Hermit’s Rest Route

This shuttle bus is available from March 1-November 30 only and normally runs every 15 to 30 minutes depending on the time of day and the time of year. This is the longest route with the most stops. If you were to ride the bus from the beginning of the route to the end without getting off, the trip would take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Some of the best stops along this route are Trailview Overlook, Hopi Point, The Abyss and of course Hermits Rest. This trip is definitely worth taking!

The Village Route

This bus runs year round but is not a scenic route. It transports visitors to the Canyon from various restaurants, hotels, campgrounds and parking lots. It also runs every 15-30 minutes depending on the time of day and the time of year and is a 60 minute round trip. This route begins at The Information Plaza and includes stops at Mather Campground, Trailer Village, Maswik Lodge and the Train Depot. If you need to get from any of these places to the Canyon Rim – this bus is your best bet.

The Kaibab Trail Route

This shuttle runs every 30 minutes and is available year round. It has two great features. One is that taking this shuttle is the only way to access Yaki Point. The other great offering is a Hiker’s Express shuttle that will take more adventurous vacationers out to the South Kaibab Trail Head. But be warned – this is not for those who like to sleep in. The Hiker’s Express bus departs between 4 and 6 AM!!

Rim to Rim Shuttle

There is one shuttle bus that makes a daily commute from one Rim to the other. This service is ONE WAY only and is available until October when the North Rim is closed for winter. For this service reservations are required.

Motor Coach Tours

For those who would like a little more than a shuttle service throughout the Park, there are luxury motor coach tours as well. These tours offer a very comfortable (and air-conditioned) way to see the sights. An expert guide will provide detailed information about the Grand Canyon as you make your way through the Park. These luxury tours also offer plenty of stops to view the awesome scenery and take lots of pictures. Don’t miss the sunset tour – it will truly take your breath away! And the cost is very reasonable ranging from $13 for the sunset/sunrise excursion up to $30 for more extensive trips. Children under 16 are free.

Grand Canyon Bus Tours Outside The Park

Many companies offer guided, motor coach tours to the Grand Canyon. They are available from many major Arizona cities like Flagstaff, Sedona, Scottsdale and Phoenix and even Las Vegas, Nevada. Most offer pick up and drop off directly from your hotel. The tours can be arranged as one-day or multi-day trips and can include other adventures like helicopter rides or river rafting. You ride in comfort and style while you leave the stress and headaches behind.

Before you leave for your exciting Grand Canyon Vacation, be sure to learn how you can secure a few Easy Credit Cards and find out which are the easiest department store credit cards to get!

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Grand Canyon Bus Tours – A Great Value!

Have plans to visit Las Vegas, or the Grand Canyon soon? There are some outstanding deals on Grand Canyon bus tours, from Las Vegas, NV to the Grand Canyon and back again.

The Bus tour packages pick up passengers at most of the Las Vegas hotels, and offer economical tour packages to either the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, or the West Rim areas. The South Rim is the biggest, widest, and deepest part of the magnificent Grand Canyon. It is literally up to 21 miles across, and up to 8,400 feet deep! That’s over one mile deep, amazing! The South Rim is also the National Park Service center of the Grand Canyon, and offers the best possible views, and photo opportunities. The South Rim also offers much educational information as well. South Rim tour packages allow people to walk on the trails along the top edge at Mather Point, Bright Angel lodge, the Grand Canyon Village, and Yavapai point. Walking trails are literally right along the edge of the canyon. Some good tours also take people directly to the National Geographic Center, where lunch may be included at a food court. There is also an IMAX movie, that normally has an optional fee.

The West Rim is the location of the “Skywalk” the glass bridge that has had much international publicity. The West Rim tours typically offer more activities, and diversions. The West Rim is the home of the Hualapai Indians. There is an Indian Village, small Indian Market, and a lunch buffet offered at the West Rim. Some tour packages include viewing of Indian dances as well. There is also an “Old West” cowboy ranch, and cowboy “gunfight show” offered as well, sometimes at an extra cost. Tourists are taken to Eagle Point, and Guano Point, the best overall viewing areas of the West Rim. The Skywalk is near Eagle point, and tour passengers are shuttled over to the nearby location where the Skywalk sits, allowing views of 4,000 feet straight down to the Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon. The Haulapai Indians collect an “optional fee” of 35.00 per person to walk on the glass bridge. Unfortunately no cameras, or cell phones are allowed on the glass bridge itself. There is an Indian photographer who is available to snap instant photos of tourists, for a small fee. The West Rim may be more fun for families who are visiting with children!

South Rim Bus tours from Las Vegas, and back can sell anywhere from 179.99 down to discounted prices of 79.99. West Rim packages from 199.99 down to discounted prices of around 115.00. Be very cautious of Web Sites that add “hidden fees”. Some companies may add 1-3 extra fees, which can add up to another 20.00 to 30.00 dollars. Be sure and look for ads, sales agents, or websites that indicate “no hidden fees”.

Tours are commonly offered at “discounted prices, or rates” by both sales booths in Las Vegas, and numerous websites. I have heard problems with booking on-line, and about very confusing websites that confounded people. Other common problems included many of these on-line bookers adding “Hidden-fees”, and customers not knowing who’s taking them. Good detailed information about the Bus company providing the service should be indicated… Is the Bus company good, or bad? Are the buses new, or old? Do the buses have good air conditioning? Do the buses have restrooms on board? etc. So, basically look for a tour booker, or website that indicates no hidden fees, and newer tour buses/or luxury motor coaches in their tour description. Also look for an indication of the experience of the tour booking agency, how long have they been doing this? Understanding which bus company is providing the service should be part of choosing a good tour. Good service, and an explanation of how nice, and new the luxury motor coaches are should be part of a good tour description as well.

Bus Tours to both the South Rim, and the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, go 365 days a year. South Rim bus tours take 14-15 hours from Las Vegas,and back again- due to the distance involved. The South Rim is 5 hours driving one way from Las Vegas. The West Rim bus tours take approximately 11 hours round trip, from Las Vegas and back as the West Rim is 3 hours driving one way from Las Vegas. I have heard of numerous testimonials of people telling me how much they had enjoyed their tours, to both the Grand Canyon West Rim, and Grand Canyon South Rim. Choosing a company with the Newest, most comfortable luxury motor coaches (some have super comfortable 81 passenger double-decker tour buses!),can make the longer driving distances much more pleasurable & tolerable. Most buses are washed daily, have restrooms on-board, play DVD movies, and have individual air conditioning controls at the seats. Grand Canyon Bus Tour options, are the most affordable, and because of the simplicity can be booked easily on-line. Tours can be booked all hours, and the bus packages are very rarely ever sold out. If booking “on-line” look for a website that has a simple menu, and explains the company background, and experience. A simple website can make the “Buying Experience” very easy and less time-consuming also. It is also a good idea to get to bed early,as the bus tour packages depart around 6:00am, Las Vegas time.

People who drive on their own, frequently under-estimate driving distances, gas costs, entry fees, and costs for meals. The West Rim has a much higher entry fee than the South Rim, as the South Rim is operated by the National Park Service. The South Rim however, involves a driving distance of 270 miles ( 5 hours ) – one way, whereas the West Rim again is 155 miles ( 3 hours ), one way – from Las Vegas.

Even though tours are generally offered at “Substantial Discounts”, but don’t forget that there is an “optional fee” of 35.00 to walk on the new “Skywalk”,at the West Rim – that goes directly to the Hualapais. Both the South Rim, and West Rim bus tours generally include breakfast and lunch, and a 20 minute photo stop at Hoover Dam on the way. Some West Rim tours also include activities; such as the Indian traditional dances, and an “Old West” cowboy gunfight show.

So,in summary -if you want to visit the Grand Canyon, and save money doing it, while in Las Vegas, (tours pick up at Las Vegas hotels)…First study, and choose whether you would prefer a “South Rim tour, or a West Rim tour. If booking on-line; look for a website that’s easy to navigate, and check the companies experience (how long have they been doing this? ) Look for a company that represents good Tour Bus Companies, with newer tour buses (service providers), and offers discounted rates, but beware of the “hidden fees”. Remember, the lowest price does not always equate to the best “Tour for your money”. If you feel comfortable with your sales agency, paying $80.00 to 115.00 per person, is a pretty good deal for a great tour of the Majestic Grand Canyon.

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Frequent fliers reveal their top tips for business travel

Business travel doesn’t always have to be about dull conference rooms and long stopovers – those in the know have learned how to make the most out of business travel by squeezing out some leisure time and a bit of exploring.
StelaDi via
StelaDi via pixabay
Cheapflights brings the inside scoop with top tips for business travel and favourite destinations from some of South Africa’s regular business travellers.

Andrew Shelton, managing director, Cheapflights

“My best tip for travelling in my industry: learn how to fold a suit jacket. This will save you time in steaming or money in dry cleaning bills. One of my most favourite destinations is Cape Town”.

Tamika Sewnarain, brand manager South Africa, Rémy Cointreau Africa

“I was lucky enough to travel to Paris for business and my favourite thing to do was to take a leisurely stroll up to the Sacré-Cœur on an afternoon off. I walked up the stairs and found a quiet spot on the grass banks and watched the sun set over Paris. Top tip for business travellers: learn a few words of French so it’s easier to talk business with the locals. My favourite app is iTranslate, which is a free app that allows you to translate abroad without having to pay excessive roaming costs.”

Emma-Jane Harbour, wedding photographer, Lad and Lass Photography

“I’m lucky enough to travel all over the world to tell the stories of brides and grooms on their wedding day. With the amount of equipment I travel with, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is to take the appropriate plug adaptors, which can always be picked up at the last minute at airports. My favourite destination wedding shoot has to be one of our most recent which took us to Greece where we visited one of the lesser known islands in the Cyclades called Folegandros. If you get the chance to visit Greece, this place is definitely the best-kept secret”.

Dayn Mamet, brand manager, New Era and Rockport SA for Kingsley Brands

“I’ve travelled extensively and noticed that a lot of hotels don’t offer early check-in. Your best bet is to call ahead of time to arrange access to your room earlier. The best destination, hands down, I have visited for business is Barcelona. For business purposes, be mindful of their business hours – afternoon siestas are still commonplace. If you’re a first timer visitor, it’s definitely worth doing the open top bus tour – you learn so much and it’s the cheapest way to get around the city, you can hop on and off wherever you like”.

Tracy Dalton, national sales director, Über Flavour

“On a recent work trip to Cambodia, I learned that having a ton of business cards printed before you leave for a trip is crucial. Exchanging business cards is a really important part of business transactions over there. Cambodia also happens to be one of my favourite destinations to visit – get to know a bit of the history of the country and visit the most iconic temple Angkor Wat”.

Refurbishment sees Southern Sun Cape Sun shift focus to family accommodation

Cape Town’s city center offers a rich city experience for all travellers – from backpackers to businessmen to families. With a diverse mix of attractions, the city centre is a hot spot of hotels, museums, markets, fantastic restaurants, all just a few minutes’ drive from the beach.

Refurbishment sees Southern Sun Cape Sun shift focus to family accommodation

One of the city’s most iconic buildings, the 33-year old Southern Sun Cape Sun has undergone an extensive rejuvenation project that has broadened its offering from primarily a business hotel to one that now provides accommodation and facilities to suit both business and leisure travellers.

The new kid on the block for family accommodation

Gearing up for the holiday season, the refurbishment has been completed in two phases, beginning with the addition of a parking facility and more recently with a full refresh of all 367 bedrooms, focusing on the finishes and details. In addition, a large number of the hotel’s twin rooms have been converted into family rooms, which contain two double beds making the hotel the new kid on the block for family accommodation.

“Southern Sun Cape Sun’s room configuration has traditionally catered more towards the business traveler but with the conversion of the rooms into family rooms the hotel now has greater family appeal, allowing two adults to share a room with two children,” says Jacques Moolman, general manager at Southern Sun Cape Sun.

The introduction of these new room types means that the hotel now offers 226 family rooms, 121 king rooms, 16 suites and 4 presidential suites.

Refurbishment sees Southern Sun Cape Sun shift focus to family accommodation

Experiencing the Mother City

Further ensuring that all members of the family will enjoy a memorable experience, the hotel plans to offer a number of child-friendly entertainment activities over the December holiday period. This will include a daily schedule of activities with movies, face painting, drumming circles and games, shuttles to both the beach and the Waterfront, as well as optional extras like tickets on the City-Sightseeing Red Bus Tours.

Says Moolman, “The city centre has seen a massive revival to its former atmosphere of authentic cultural experiences, combined with some of the best dining in the country, and a lively and colourful experience of street life in Cape Town. This is a true reflection of life in Cape Town – not just of its spectacular beaches, but of real Cape Town city life.”

He concludes by saying, “When planning a family holiday to Cape Town there are many things to consider, such as the fly vs self-drive options, kids vs adult entertainment, and accommodation that caters for the whole family. Southern Sun Cape Sun is now able to check all those boxes.

New tenants announced for The Zone @ Rosebank

The Zone @ Rosebank is undergoing a R500m revamp and the second phase of the project has introduced new big-name tenants, and a city-sightseeing bus stop will follow shortly.
New tenants announced for The Zone @ RosebankThe phase one renovations of the trendy lifestyle destination, located between Cradock Avenue and Oxford Road in Rosebank and owned by Old Mutual Life Assurance Company South Africa, started mid-2015. The latest developments at the shopping centre have been The Zone Boulevard, which opened Rosebank’s first Rocomamas and new-look News Café. The shopping centre is also home to the largest vertical living wall in Africa. The wall is filled with an array of plants bringing along with it a breath of fresh air to the busy shopping environment.

The phase-two redevelopments, which started in March 2016, will also be adding a Hamleys toy store in the next quarter of the year. Hamleys is well known and prides itself on being the finest toy shop in the world. With the store opening soon, The Zone @ Rosebank will play home to the sixth store of its kind in Africa.

A new architectural design

“The intention of phase two is to bring a new architectural design to the area that is aesthetically pleasing, and will enhance our shoppers’ experience,” said Rui Moca, The Zone @ Rosebank’s facilities manager.

Clicks opened in The Zone @ Rosebank at the beginning of this month. With 650 stores across the country, Clicks is a trendsetter in the health-care market and boasts over 360 in-store pharmacies.

The City Sightseeing Hop-on Hop-off red bus tours are a great way not only for tourists, but also locals to explore Joburg. When its latest stop opens at The Zone @ Rosebank in September, the busy bus line will enable an even more diverse group of shoppers to visit the shopping centre.

Grand Canyon – Definitely The Best Bus Tours

If you are looking for something unusual to do in Las Vegas, then consider taking a Grand Canyon bus tour and experience the beauty of the region up close. More than five million people are drawn to the Grand Canyon annually, and many of them don’t like to fly or are on a limited budget. Fortunately, these travelers can take one of the many Grand Canyon bus tours that are available. Motor coaches are great ways to take in the spectacular scenery around the Grand Canyon.

A lot of the buses begin their journeys to the Grand Canyon on the Las Vegas Strip. Typically, they offer complimentary pickup and drop-off service for passengers staying at the Vegas Strip hotels. This is a very convenient arrangement since traffic is heavy in Vegas and it will be much less stressful if you don’t have to drive yourself. Don’t worry if your hotel isn’t on the Strip — you can always take a cab to the designated pickup spot.

You’ll see some amazing sights during your Grand Canyon motor coach tour. The closest rim to Las Vegas is the West Rim, about 120 miles away. It includes scenic views of the Colorado River, and Guano Point, and Eagle Point among other notable landmarks. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is located at the West Rim and you can walk out on this glass bridge seventy feet beyond the edge of the rim. To experience this heart stopping thrill, you will need to include a Skywalk pass in your tour package. It is cheaper to include the pass in your tour rather than waiting to buy a ticket when you get to the park.

Grand Canyon coaches can also take you to the South Rim, more than 275 miles from Vegas. The drive takes 5 hours each way, but it’s time well spent. Just like the West Rim tour, you will get to see Lake Mead and the immense Hoover Dam, but after that, your bus will head in the direction of the Kaibab Plateau in the northern part of Arizona. When you arrive at the park you will see several notable lookouts such as Mather Point and then come to Grand Canyon Village where the Bright Angel Lodge and El Tovar Hotel are located.

These motor coach package deals are great because they are all-inclusive and include everything you need. Along with the free pickup and return service to your hotel, you are also provided with a lunch. However, both the South Rim and West Rim have restaurants and snack bars, you are free to eat where you like, and the prices are within reason.

No matter which rim you go to, it will take all day. The West Rim is about a 2-hour ride from Vegas. To the South Rim, the drive is 5 hours and you won’t get back to the Strip until 9:00 p.m. You certainly don’t want to have any other plans for the evening. You will be too worn out to do anything other than go to your hotel and go to bed. After a long day of riding a bus and viewing the scenic vistas, you will sleep like a baby.

If you want to tour the Grand Canyon with your friends or family, then going by motor coach is the best option. Choppers only seat 6, and airplanes 19, but you probably won’t know everyone on the aircraft. Grand Canyon coaches are different as they can handle large groups of people traveling together. They’re comfortable, too. These are deluxe motor coaches with reclining seats, personal climate controls, plasma televisions, food trays and an onboard restroom. There couldn’t be a more comfortable and affordable way to visit the Grand Canyon!

A Grand Canyon Bus Trip Is An Ideal Memorial Day Weekend Escape

Are you looking for a fun way to spend Memorial Day weekend? Take your family on a fun and educational bus tour of the Grand Canyon. These tours are a big hit and they sell out fast. If you decide to spend you holiday weekend at this marvel of nature, you definitely want to get your tickets early so you won’t be disappointed if they are sold out.

The bus tours follow the same schedule as always on the holiday weekend and you can leave from Phoenix or Vegas. Las Vegas is a great departure point because from there you can take a bus tour to the South Rim or the West Rim. If you leave from Phoenix, you will go to the South Rim.

Let’s take a look at your options for bus tours over the holiday weekend.

Going To The West Rim From Vegas

The bus ride from Vegas to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon takes around 2 hours. You get off the bus once you are there and you are allowed about three hours to see the sights. The West Rim is great because it is the only part of the canyon where helicopters fly below the rim, so you can descend to the bottom and catch a raft tour of the Colorado River. It is a fun experience for the whole family, so don’t miss out on the chance to do it.

Another thrilling adventure you can add to your tour is a pass to the glass Grand Canyon Skywalk. Also known as the Glass Bridge, you can walk out on its transparent surface 70 ft past the edge of the rim. You can gaze down to the canyon floor some 4000 ft below you!

Vegas Bus Tours To The South Rim

The South Rim bus tour from Vegas is a fantastic value at just $80. Read the fine print before you buy your tickets to make sure the tour you choose includes all the features you want such as a stop at the Hoover Dam.

It takes a lot longer to get to the South Rim than it does the West Rim. It will take you about 5.5 hours to get there by bus. However, the ride is scenic and enjoyable. Many people consider the South Rim to be the official Grand Canyon and you will recognize many of the landmarks from pictures you have seen of the National Park.

Which Rim Should You Choose?

It may be a matter of drive time. The West Rim bus tour takes around 12 hours and the South Rim bus tour lasts about 15 hours. Plus, you have to think about what kind of experience you will enjoy the most. If you are after thrills and excitement, choose the West Rim. If you just want to relax and marvel at nature’s beauty, then the South Rim is the best option.

South Rim Bus Tours From Phoenix

You can begin your bus tour from several cities around Phoenix such as Scottsdale, Mesa, and Tempe. The ride to Phoenix to the Grand Canyon takes around four hours. The view along the way is nothing short of spectacular. The scenery changes from desert to forest as you head to northern Arizona. If you choose a tour that stops in Sedona, you will get to see the spectacular red sandstone buttes in the region. You will also see the San Francisco Peaks, the tallest peaks in the state.

Touring The Grand Canyon By Private Van

Many people are choosing to tour the Grand Canyon by private van rather than bus. These vehicles are customized for sightseeing with roomy interiors and comfortable captain’s chairs. The seats go fast though because the vans only carry 12 people per trip. These tours provide a personal experience with your tour guide too. Your tour goes smoothly since there aren’t so many people getting on and off the bus every time it stops.

In Conclusion

Get ready for Memorial Day on Monday, May 27. It is a popular travel weekend since a lot of people have a three day weekend and it begins the busy travel season. For that reason, you should book your seats as soon as you decide you want to take a bus tour of the Grand Canyon. Get your seats at least one week in advance, and even sooner than that if you can. When you are ready to book seats for your fun adventure to the Grand Canyon, be sure to do it online. When you buy your tickets on the tour operator’s website, you qualify for the discounted Internet rate as long as you complete the transaction online.